Pelaburan MARA undertakes investment activities in assets in specific sectors of real estate, infrastructure, energy/oil and gas, and technology with the objective of generating long-term revenue streams from the assets.


Equity Investment
The objective of equities investment is to achieve medium to long-term capital appreciation through investment primarily in equity securities of Malaysian companies listed on the Bursa. Its secondary objective is current income, which is expected to be derived primarily from dividends. Investment in companies will be undertaken with a view to acquiring effective control with a clear exit strategy.

Fixed Income investment
Seeks to generates sustainable and recurring income for the invested funds and to construct medium to a long-term fixed income portfolio. The investment strategy focuses on instruments that are at a reasonable risk level and return in accordance with policies and procedures.

Property Investment
The property investment objective is for the diversification and preservation of capital while achieving a high-quality consistent dividend stream and long-term capital appreciation. These are achieved through selective acquisitions based on market and/or property-specific criteria, actively managing the property to maximize its value and disposing of the property when the ideal time or situation arises.

Private Equity Investment
Invests globally in public / non-public entities with a value-add approach, seeking to acquire undervalued/underperforming entities or ones with significant growth potential with the objective of reselling at a higher price in the future.