Pelaburan MARA believes that committing to social causes can make a big difference. From our initial objective to increase the number of Bumiputera participation in the national economy, especially in the equity holdings has now grown to serve all Malaysians as we help the people in Malaysia, regardless of race, achieve their life goals through investments and financial solutions.

To achieve this objective we have been conducting an awareness campaign called “The #ARIF Series” to:

  • Create lasting social changes for our community by emphasizing the importance of early financial planning and financial management, and
  • Provide the public with knowledge, skills and tools in order to turn them into informed investors of tomorrow, and
  • Encourage more people to capitalise and build portfolios in equity funds offered by PMB Investment
  • Incorporate elements of business and services offered by PMB Tijari
  • Initiative to spread joy through books, education materials