Anti-Bribery Policy Statement

Pelaburan MARA Berhad ("Pelaburan MARA") is committed to prevent and encounter any form of bribery and corruption which is in line with the core value of the company to manage and expand the commercial entity of MARA Corporation Sdn Bhd ("MARA Corp."). Pelaburan MARA aims to achieve the primary objective of being the investment arm of MARA Corp. by embracing the culture of transparency and integrity, consistent with the implementation of the Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS) MS ISO 37001:2016.

Therefore, for this reason, Pelaburan MARA is committed to:

  1. Prevent employees, business associates and related parties from receiving and providing any form of bribery and corruption;
  2. Comply with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009 (Act 694) and any applicable laws and regulations against bribery and corruption practices in conducting its business activities;
  3. Ensure employees hold the PMB Anti-Bribery Policy towards continuous improvement and meeting the requirements of the ABMS;
  4. Provide and implement employees’ reporting mechanism and whistleblower protection in reporting any bribery and corruption conduct in accordance with PMB Whistleblower Policy; and
  5. Establish an Independent Body to ensure compliance towards the ABMS.

Every employee is responsible to read, understand and execute this policy statement. Any non-compliance or breach of this policy statement, the said policies, or any related laws and regulations will be subject to disciplinary action.