Integrity & Governance

Aligning with implementing the ‘Pelan Integriti Pelaburan MARA Berhad dan Syarikat Subsidiari’ is to foster an ethical culture among employees and increase customer and public confidence in the integrity of the Pelaburan MARA Group.

The national integrity plan was the result of the Prime Minister's instruction (No. 1 Year 2018, Series 1 No. 1 Year 2018) dated 5 October 2018 for Ministries and Government agencies to establish an Integrity and Governance Unit (IGU) and extend this initiative to all Government-Linked Companies (GLCs), companies owned by Ministries and Government agencies as well as under the State Government.

Thus, it is to integrate all management of integrity-related matters under a dedicated unit so that initiatives to institutionalise integrity, prevention, compliance, misconduct detection and punitive action can be implemented in a more focused, planned, efficient and effective manner and achieve optimal results.


Doing business with integrity is fundamental to fulfilling positive forms of continuous improvement, thus maintaining sustainability.


Conceptualise business integrity as central to our development mandate and not only as a compliance issue.


Adopt a proactive stance to detect and mitigate risk to become leaders in business integrity.


Improve coordination of our activities on business integrity to strengthen risk management.


Ensure the consistency of business integrity and recognise that high levels of transparency should be the norm.


Enhance levels of collaboration to raise standards and disseminate good practices.


  • Plan, coordinate and manage the disposition conduct and discipline and code of conduct based on the principles of integrity and accountability.
  • Creating a culture of excellence working with strong morals and ethics.
  • Strengthening the efficiency and effectiveness of the mechanisms of complaints channels and increasing appreciation and strong work ethics and integrity.



Ensuring the best corporate governance is implemented.

Strengthening Integrity

Ensure acculturation, institutional and implementation of integrity within the PMB Group.

Detection and Verification

Detect and verify the complaint of criminal misconduct and violations of the code of conduct and other rules and regulations of the PMB Group and ensure that appropriate actions are taken. Report criminal misconduct to law enforcement agencies responsible.

Complaints Management

Receive and take action on all complaints / information on criminal misconduct and violations of the code of conduct and other rules and regulations of the organisation.


Ensure compliance with the laws and regulations.


Perform the functions of the secretariat of the Disciplinary Board.

Core Functions

Complaints Management

Complaints management involves the systematic management of information / complaints on potential misconduct and violation of the organisation’s code of conduct and other rules and regulations to ensure that such misconduct is addressed.

Detection & Verification

This core function is responsible for detecting and verifying complaints on potential misconduct and violation of code of the conduct and other rules and regulations, and to determine and take appropriate action to address such misconduct or breach. This can be done through among others, the preparation of a complete report on conducted verification which includes, comments and recommendations on whether such complaints should be forwarded to the relevant implementing and enforcement agency.

Integrity Strengthening

Integrity strengthening can be carried out through awareness programs in enhancing the best practices of ethics and integrity within the PMB Group. Campaigns and awareness programs for the staff as well as to maintain synergy with the relevant Head of Departments to ensure that awareness programs are communicated effectively.


This function aims towards good governance in the organisation which includes research and recommendations to improve existing policies, systems and work procedures, in addition to undertaking the task of coordinating the effort to implement such recommendations.


We strongly believe that the organisation entities, abiding by the good entities are more likely to thrive, retain and attract highly ethical employees that will gain public trust. Our employees are required to sign the Integrity Pledge every year to vouch that they will not condone or be involved in any corrupt practices, including facilitation payment. In addition, relevant employees are required to sign the Procurement Pledge periodically. New employees of all levels are also requested to attend combating corruption talks and briefings.

We initiate anti-corruption efforts with Whistleblowing Policy, corruption-free pledges, integrity briefings (sembang santai) and many more, as we consider anti-corruption and prevention as our ongoing journey.

In November 2022, we embarked on a new journey where the extension and expansion of harmonised MACC Adequate Procedures & ISO 37001:2016 Anti Bribery Management System (ABMS) project was initiated which covers Pelaburan MARA Berhad obligation to comply with.